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Business Startup Professional Plan


Unlock limitless possibilities with our all-inclusive Professional Startup Plan. Everything you need for an advanced business launch is seamlessly included—from secure company formation and communication tools to powerful web design, payment gateways, and a robust suite of support services. Elevate your startup experience with comprehensive solutions, tailored for success.

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Everything Included

Professional Plan

Unleash the extraordinary with our Startup Professional Plan—an exclusive journey for visionaries. Elevate your brand's essence with a Startup Digital Space, expertly tailored services, and unparalleled support, crafting a distinct path to success.


Building your Brand

Crafting more than just a business – we're building your brand legacy. Elevate your presence with our strategic approach, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of your audience.

Key Features


Companies House

Swiftly forming your LTD company at Companies House UK.

It's the inaugural step towards realizing your business dreams, streamlined for success.


Crafting your Professional Website

Elevating your brand with the artistry of crafting a professional website. We sculpt digital excellence, defining your online identity with precision and flair.

PayPal Setup

Creating your Business PayPal Account

A pivotal step towards fostering credibility and instilling confidence in your business transactions. Elevate your financial interactions with confidence and reliability.

Step 1:


Virtual Address

Starting strong: Obtaining a vital virtual address, your foundation to a credible and versatile business presence.

Step 2:


Giffgaff Sim

Boosting your business connectivity: Obtaining a Giffgaff phone number to seamlessly link with your Business PayPal and Wise Accounts.

Step 3:


LTD Company

Initiating success: Registering your LTD Company with UK Government's Companies House.

A step towards Empowering Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Step 4:


Website Designing

Buying a Conventional Domain Name, Embarking on your digital presence journey by initiating your professional website designing. Crafting a unique online identity that resonates with your business's essence.

Step 5:


Business PayPal

A pivotal step towards fostering credibility and instilling confidence in your business transactions. Elevate your financial interactions with confidence and reliability.

Step 6:


Wise Bank Account

Unlocking financial wisdom: Opening your Wise Business bank account for PayPal Business Account, seamless global transactions and smart business banking.

Step 7:


Stripe Account

Unlocking seamless financial transactions by opening your Stripe account—a gateway to secure and efficient online payments. Experience the ease of managing your business transactions with Stripe's user-friendly platform.

Step 8:


Payment Gateways with your Website

Seamlessly integrating major payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Card payments, Google pay, Apple Pay, and more. Providing your customers with a diverse and convenient array of payment options for a frictionless shopping experience.

Step 9:


500 Business Leads

Elevating your business with our expert service in generating high-quality leads tailored to drive your success, crafting opportunities that fuel growth and success. Tailored strategies to drive your expansion and maximize impact.

Step 10:

Getting your Documents

Authentication Code & UTR

Obtaining essential documents, including the Authentication Code and UTR, from Companies House, streamlining your administrative processes for hassle-free business operations.

Last Step:


Delivering Services

Finalize your journey: We deliver these services to you, ensuring your business thrives with the utmost efficiency and success.

Introducing the Business Startup Professional Plan:

Embark on an extraordinary entrepreneurial journey with our meticulously crafted Business Startup Professional Plan, tailored for those envisioning an advanced business launch.

Key Features:

  1. Static IP Windows VPS: Employing a static IP Windows VPS for heightened security during the establishment of your UK company, Business PayPal, Stripe, and Wise Business Accounts, shielding against potential violations that can cause limitations.

  2. Dedicated Virtual Address: Forge your business identity with a dedicated virtual address, enhancing professionalism and credibility.

  3. LTD Company Formation: Seamlessly navigating legal intricacies with comprehensive LTD company formation, inclusive of full access to Companies House and HMRC, along with Authentication Code and UTR.

  4. Authentication Code & UTR Inclusion:

    The Business Startup Professional Plan encompasses the Authentication Code and UTR, pivotal components for your business setup. Obtain these crucial elements seamlessly within the plan, ensuring a secure and expedited journey to establishing your business.

  5. Giffgaff Physical SIM: Elevating your communication with a Giffgaff physical SIM, ensuring a reliable and dedicated contact point.

  6. Business Bank Account with Wise: Streamline financial operations with a Wise Business bank account, offering a secure and efficient platform for transactions.

  7. Verified Business PayPal: Instill trust and credibility with a verified Business PayPal account, an essential tool for secure online transactions.

  8. Stripe Account Creation: Elevating your online payment experience with our expert Stripe account creation service, seamlessly incorporating Stripe, a leading payment gateway, into your website.

  9. Conventional Domain Name and Shared Hosting: A conventional domain name and shared hosting are included, providing a complete online presence.
  10. Professional Web Design Plan: Elevating your online presence with a Pro Web Design Plan, offering unlimited pages, professional banners and media, dynamic forms, e-commerce capabilities, and a lot more.

  11. Payments Gateways Integration: Diversifying your payment options effortlessly with our comprehensive payments gateways integration service, seamlessly incorporating major payment options like PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, card payments, and more into your website.

  12. Pre-listed 50 Unique Products: Kickstart your online sales with 50 pre-listed unique products tailored to your business, and expand easily with an additional 25 product listings at a nominal fee of $10.

  13. Customer Support: Receive dedicated email and phone support, ensuring a smooth and positive experience throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

  14. 500 Business Leads: Supercharge your business growth with a curated list of 500 potential clients, providing a robust head start.

Additional Information:

  • Wise Business Account Opening Fee: GBP 45 (Not included in the plan, directly payable by the client).

  • Trustedsite Badge on your Website: Enhance your business credibility with a verified business address for an additional cost of $10.

  • High Rating on Scamadviser.com: Boost trust with an additional cost of $15 to achieve a high rating on Scamadviser.com.

This plan is tailored for individuals seeking an advanced toolkit and personalized support for their professional startup journey.

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Running my startup for a year, payments through Startup Digital Space's website solution have been seamless. Their affordable prices, transparent process, and access to HMRC set them apart; unlike other providers, Lost two companies as I couldn't file annual returns due to lack of authentication code, but with Startup Digital Space, dissolution was seamless, thanks to access to Companies House and HMRC.
Hamza Javed
Business Person

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Business Startup Professional Plan

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